Hurricane Preparedness

As we are quickly moving into the hurricane season, preparedness is still vital in “weathering the storm”.   Bottled water, batteries, making sure your cell phones are fully charged, canned foods and more should always be a part of preparedness for this season.

Your possessions being stored need your consideration regarding insurance.  If your possessions are valuable enough to store, they are valuable enough to be insured.  Our office provides the ability for you to have that insurance coverage at a low cost, monthly policy rate of $9.50 with no deductible.  Thus, any claim does not have an adverse effect on your apartment/condo or homeowner’s insurance.  It is an inexpensive way to protect your possessions in most every circumstance.  Consider the value and contact our office today in order to get the coverage.

Storage Tip – always keep your possessions away from the walls and if at all possible, keep your possessions off of the concrete floors, especially electrical appliances such as computers or TV’s as lightning does travel through the steel rebar in the concrete floors.

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